Your importing game is about to change forever.

Tired of the 0.01 ISK game?
Do you want to eat a bullet every time you have to edit your market spreadsheet?
Ever wonder how much ISK you're really making from importing?
Do you want your balance sheet to look like this?

Start making billions with Krabacus

I'm not convinced, show me the demo


Automatic profit tracking
0.01 ISK helper tool
Scope out new markets with Eye of the Krab
Shopping list with multibuy support
Get notified when you sell out of an item
Calculate accurate profit margins (including frieght and listing taxes!)
Shows you breakeven price so you never accidentially sell at a loss
Create multiple trade routes for different trade hubs
View all of your market orders at a glance with tons of statistics
View how profitable your past sales have been.
Assets integration so you don't overimport stuff (in progress cut me some slack)

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